Sorry to say that SeedMore has now closed.
IRC Server is down but we have established a chat room on the Discord Server. Thanks to Diggs!!!
BigEd, MrPants, Diggs, Catman, Pohemi, Gentle1, Jarowl, Terry9876
mtbbtb  bluenorax, dakota1, snakegamma, kick170, Gatorman, Pseudoscot, zippidee, Eliasawad
qwkevo, Wingy999, Lobo34, Robustmaiden, Memphis2000, jpmomo, onedragon453, snakegamma,
caboose, Elferroni, fourstepper, Laydee, Rockincs, shonseb, Bubbahotep,
and many many others.
Seedbox Hookas who never stopped given it out.
Omerta & MissPinky

Note: BigEd is still maintaining a Private sFTP server. If interested message me in Discord.